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I'm having an intermittent failure of the power steering system on my 2006 GLI (58k). Every now and the the little steering light comes on, sometimes in yellow and sometimes in red, and when that is happening I have little or no power steering. I brought it to the dealer and the said there were 32 steering codes popping up and they didn't know what do to at first, so they just cleared the codes. They thought at first it may just be a computer issue and with the codes cleared it might not come back.

So (of course) the problem returns shortly thereafter. The dealer now says that as the problem is returned, the car will need a new steering rack, which contains the electromechanical steering hardware that is likely faulty in some way.

I balked at this, as not only is this quite expensive but seems to be drastic for what appears to be an electronic issue.

Any thought? Is it possible there's just a short or a loose wire in the electromechanical steering system? Is this adequately accessible to even look?


Nick Fogelson
2006 grey GLI DSG
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