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Hello everyone, I’m new in this community, even though I always read the posts and find accurate solutions. However, I’m going crazy right now, here’s the thing:

I removed the center console on my wife’s 2008 Automatic (TipTronic) New Beetle to change the 12v outputs, and because the magnet on the belt had broken. So I take everything apart, do all the repairs flawlessly, and before putting it all together again, I just check the transmission gears, and they work perfectly, applying the brake releases the shifter knob and all the usual.

So I just put everything back together, put the shift cover again, BUT, when I start the engine, I immediately feel the brake pedal way too soft, it goes all the way back, and now I can shift from P park all the way down to S without hitting the brake.

Needless to say, the car was perfect 30 min before putting everything back together. I really am going crazy here guys, I would extremely appreciate your help!!!!
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