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I've got an 08 Beetle Convertible, 2.5L SE. AC stopped working. Gauges read 45 low side; 125 high side. I thought it would be the compressor solenoid. When the system was evacuated, only a few ounces of freon was in it. Now the system is empty and I hooked the gauges back up and get 25 in hg of vacuum on the low side and 0 high side. So I am assuming that the compressor is working. There are some cracks on the outer rubber of the hose from the top of the dryer to the condenser, not sure if it leaks or not yet.
So now I'm kinda stuck as what to do next. Right now I plan on hooking up a vacuum pump to see if it holds a vacuum. But does the compressor work? or should I get it leak tested with dye? I don't want to spend a bunch of cash on it, so if it's a new condenser, I probably won't fix it.
Any clues will be appreciated.
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