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We own a 2008 VW Jetta SE, 5 cylinders, 109,XXX miles

Last summer my son was driving 25-30mph when he heard a loud pop and then a complete lose of power. We got the car home and noticed no coolant. Filling up the coolant and running only provided a white smoke but the engine still ran. The repair determined a used replacement motor with 55,000 miles,

Now, 6 months later, with less then 2,500 miles, my son is driving on the highway 60-65mph and the power goes out again. He pulls over and notices the coolant level temp quickly jumps to 260 degrees and turns of the motor ASAP. Its dark out so he cant really see the coolant level. There was no pop, nor did he see white smoke as he did not restart the motor. The Jetta was later towed to the shop that replaced the motor.

I know my description is vague… but I cant see the same exact engine issue on two separate motors. No, my son is a good driver. Almost a bit to slow for most. After the first engine issue he was very vigilant in checking the coolant level. I too just checked it when the weather was nice.

My plan this time is to tear down the motor to see what broke. I am not rich man and we just spent $5,000 on the rebuild. So, I am asking if anyone has had a similar issue and if they found the fault?

I am hoping for some suggestions on what to look for. I did at one time see a YouTube video of a similar issue on a BMW and the fix was a lot easier. Of course now I cant find that video to review.

Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, anything?

Thank you in advance

Mike vR
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