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I recently purchased a VW Passat (AWD, 3.6l VR6). It was equipped with the VW Adaptive Cruise control, which the dealership I purchased it from informed me wasn't working. After further investigation I'm beginning to realize that this is likely going to cause other issues within the cars computer system.

The dealership said they would be willing to help me find another vehicle to replace the VW, because they were not aware of the severity of the issue, but now they haven't really been communicating with me, and I'm beginning to worry that they are going to leave me hanging with this car. I love the car though, so I came here to see if anyone else has had this ACC Fault message, and if there are any ways it can either be fixed, or bypassed, to protect the rest of the system. VW said they could fix it, but it would be big $$$ and I really can't afford to pay thousands of dollars to have it replaced.

I could really use some help here.
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