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Hello good folks of the VWforum. I just purchased a 2009 4-door (some people might say 5-door) GTI. I knew when I looked it over that the trunk wasn't opening, but I didn't let that hold me back from buying it. Figured it would be an easy fix... boy was I wrong.

Here's the situation:
When I press the trunk unlock button on the fob or the one on the driver-side door I can hear something electronic happening, presumably the trunk unlocking. And when I press in the VW emblem on the trunk I hear something electronic happening then as well, presumably the actuator to actually release the latch. Cool. But it doesn't open. I tried pulling really really hard with no success. I've even tried using the little emergency lever from inside the trunk, but still nothing happens (and yes I'm sure I'm pushing it hard enough in the right direction).

So it seems something is busted mechanically. I can't get the trunk open AT ALL to disassemble it and try and tinker with it from there. I even tried climbing in the back and removing as many screws as possible to get some interior paneling off so that I could hopefully get to the latch mechanism. I think getting those panels off relies on the trunk being open. So at this point I'm out of ideas short of completely tearing through the trunk's interior, which I'd prefer not to resort to.

Does anyone have any experience with this, or have any creative/clever solutions to pitch? Anyone in the same boat, or have a friend of a friend who knew a guy who had the same problem? Let me know.
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