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There are few vehicles in this world made exclusively for the Canadian market. Currently Acura sells its Civic-based CSX (formerly the EL) and, well, that's about it. Even the Mercedes B-Class, while not available in the U.S. is sold throughout Europe.

In 2007, Volkswagen launched the City Golf, an incredibly well-priced V-Dub. The City Golf, and its sibling the City Jetta, are essentially stripped down versions of each respective vehicle and use a much older platform. My 2009 City Golf tester is actually a Mark IV vehicle underneath and uses a chassis that was first introduced in 1997. All current Golfs are Mark Vs and VW recently unveiled the Mark VI.

No wonder VW can sell this car for a starting price of $15,300 CDN – just 75 percent of the price of a Rabbit.

At that price, the car is no longer competing with compact cars like the Civic or Corolla but sub-compacts like the Yaris and Fit and even the Accent and Aveo.

More: 2009 VW City Golf on AutoGuide.com
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