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About 3 months ago I've bought myself a 3 dr 2010 VW Polo 6r, 1.4 i 86 hp.

Since day 1 comfort wasn't great... the shocks were changed many times in the past as I found out from its service book. First mod I did to it was to Buy a set of wheels or it. I went with ATS Radial 16'', 7j, 5*100, ET 46 and bought new 215/45 R16 Falken Ziex Ecorun 310, great gripping tires. After the wheels were fitted it felt extremly extremly uncomfortable. Went ahead and bought a set of Eibach Pro-Kit springs and set the geometry of the wheels and things got better but still it sucks going over small bumps and crevices in the street.

Have any ideas of improving it? Is it the shocks that are bad again?

BTW here is a cool vector drawing of it :)

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