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Hello all, hope everyone is staying safe and well while we wait out this virus.

A few months ago I bought a used polo as specified above (59 bhp model) when initially buying the car it was in good working order and showed no signs of any issues/ fault codes.

I won't go over all the problems I have had with the car as it has been a pain in the rear with lots of small issues here and there. The initial issue I had was the car feeling very sluggish. Poor acceleration and a very rough idle (not just your standard 3 cylinder idle) I felt like the power was being poorly transferred to the wheels, like I was driving an old diesel engine.

So about 2 weeks ago I took the car to a local mechanic who I know personally, who told me that all the codes his diagnostics tool read point towards the battery (which I had had replacdd with a new one only a week before) the main fault code being P209700 - POST CATALYST FUEL TRIM SYSTEM BANK 1 TOO RICH. so I took the car back to quickfit to get the battery checked and it came back fully charged and healtyh, along with the alternator.

After hearing this I decided to take it direct to VW for a £120 inspection to which they told me the car is absolutely fine. So I drive the car to work and back for two days and then the lockdown hits and she is parked on the driveway. 1 week later I try to start the car and get no crank whatsoever, no noise or movement from the car, no lights or electronics work at all. So I charge the battery to full drive it and the power delivery issue is gone completely. 2 days later I check the car again... This time the car barely starts and after about 15 seconds of intermittent stuttering from the engine it dies.

I try it again the next day and it starts reluctantly but does not sputter, also drives well with little loss in power. My suspicion is that there is a parasitic drain from the alternator but at this point I'm not sure (especially seeing as VW gave it the all clear) I will email them to get it in for another inspection which I shan't be paying for... But in the meantime I'd really appreciate any help and advice. I have spend countless hours on Google and have found nothing of use.

Sorry for turning this into a short story! Just very frustrated!

P.S I have cleaned both the intake manifold and MAP sensor with the suitable chemicals.
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