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hey so i just bought my black Jetta and honestly, i do love it.
First VW but i knew it wouldn't be long till I got my hands on one. (3rd car)
I have a list of mods I want to do
Focusing mainly on appearance starting with
- 19" VMR V710s ( worried about rub, and fitment) its not lowered yet so I'm wondering if I would have to go lower to minimize gap, I'm also not sure how wide the rims should be I'm thinking 8.5 but I don't want too much poke a flush look with the 19"s would look right to me, any opinions?) I want really thin tires 35??
-I want to get the gli fog lights but is that even possible? Im thinking about changing the entire lip to get the whole design but is there a way I can just get the light?
- I found these bad ass headlights that would give the Jetta that mean look heres the link: HID Xenon + 2011-2013 Volkswagen Jetta Euro Style LED DRL Projector Headlights - Black
if theres a cheaper site or nicer lights let me know!! I want demon eyes but not sure how to do so, do I have to buy something separate or what?!
- euro light switch, do i have to get one?
- I also want to change to grill to get some chrome going
- Tinted (5% all around fuck the popo I need my eyebrow to be 5% too
- a lip for my trunk
- Im already running 1 10 inch sub hopefully getting a box made to add another
- A blue and black euro plate

FEEDBACK PLEASE!!! I've never had a car worth modding before and want this done right the first time around
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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