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Hello all,
I'm currently helping a friend to fix his 2011 Jetta TDI with a 6 speed DSG trans. He hit a pothole and the car stalled and won't turn back on. Crank, but no start.

I've scanned the car with my Autel MX808 to give me a complete modules scan and see what's wrong because a normal scanner would just tell me "U0100 Lost communicationwith ECM".

Here's the complete scan result:


The no signal from the ECM seems to be the most common code so my guess would be a fried ECM? Only thing that let me think that it's not that is the 2 other codes of the Gateway section. Seems like a broken CAN wire, but these code only seems to be associated with a battery drain by refering to the forums.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Thank you!!
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