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Save the date! Midwest Treffen is all weekend August 12-14, 2011

Midwest Treffen was conceived as a family reunion for Volkswagen and Audi owners & enthusiasts across the Midwest. Over the years, Midwest Treffen has grown to be the Midwest’s largest event of its kind, continuing to provide the Volkswagen and Audi family with a unique car show weekend experience. Join us in making 2011 the best Midwest Treffen to date!

Midwest Treffen Autocross
August 13, 2011
Maywood Park
8600 W North Avenue
Melrose Park, IL 60160

Midwest Treffen Car Show
August 14, 2011
Oakton Community College
1600 E Golf Road
Des Plaines, IL 60016

Midwest Treffen offers an entire weekend full of events and activities including:
  • A Pre-show Chicago Lakefront Cruise and get-together that is not to be missed. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the City of Chicago Friday night (August 12th) while meeting great people!
  • A competitive autocross in a new location! Now open to all European cars with drivers willing to pit their skills in a safe, fun environment against other enthusiasts from around the Midwest
  • A laid-back Volkswagen / Audi car show with new activities!
  • Details and Registration and midwesttreffen.com coming soon!

We hope to make Midwest Treffen 15 the best yet so mark your calendars and come see us in August!

Midwest Treffen is produced yearly by the Chicago Volkswagen Organization and entirely staffed by volunteers. For more information about CVO, please visit our website at www.chicagovw.org


We're pleased to announce that Forge Motorsport is back with us again this year and this time is the premier sponsor for the entire weekend! They'll even be helping us break in the inaugural Chicago Cruise in style with the Forge TTS and MKVI GTI project cars joining us for the cruise!

Car Show Classes
Midwest Treffen for 2011 has taken a new approach to the Car Show classes and judging based on feedback the VW/Audi community has given us. This year, we are opening up the show to more classes in order to better accommodate the broad spectrum of vehicles underneath the VAG family. Ranging from Air-cooled VW’s to the newest MkVI models, enthusiasts now have more choices for showing their pride and joy.

  1. A1 All
  2. A2 All
  3. A3 All
  4. A4 Golf
  5. A4 Jetta
  6. A5 Rabbit
  7. A5 Jetta
  8. A6 All
  9. Scirocco
  10. Corrado
  11. B Platform (Dasher, Quantum, Passat, CC)
  12. VW Aircooled
  13. VW Other (New Beetle, Eos, Eurovan, Fox, Phaeton, Routan, Tiguan, Toureg, etc)
  14. Late A4 (B6 and newer)
  15. Early A4 (B5 and older)
  16. Audi Other

Club & Enthusiast Area
Now in it's third year, the Club & Enthusiast parking is back again! Club & Enthusiast was setup for people who just want to hang out at the show without necessarily worrying about about the show. It's so you can park with your buddies regardless of what class they'd be in. Or maybe you don't feel that your car is "show worthy"? Like last year, we've also got a few trophy's to hand out again specifically for the Club/Enthusiast area, plus you still get raffle tickets and all the sponsor freebies/info that you would get if you entered the show as well.

If you want your own spot reserved in the Club/Enthusiast area, please post up how many cars you are expecting to park with you in Club & Enthusiast so we can chalk out a spot in the lot for VWForum people.

Car Show Judging
We taken all the feedback on car Show awards and judging from the last few years and tried to make a few key changes while remaining true to the roots of Treffen. For the first time in Midwest Treffen history, Car Show judging will incorporate a judging panel in addition to the show participant ballot judging that has made Midwest Treffen popular. The panel of judges will be made up of three judges, including industry experts and fellow car enthusiasts. Judges will be voting for the 1st class winner of each class as well as Best of Show. Show participants will continue to vote for the 2nd and 3rd place winners in each class, in addition to a new-for-2011 People’s Choice Award.

Midwest Treffen Drive-In Night
Again, new for MidwestTreffen 2011! Join us for an old-fashion drive-in movie night and get-together on Saturday night after the autocross! We'll be meeting at Cascade Drive-In just before the gate opens at 7:00pm. Cascade is located at 1100 E. North Ave. West Chicago, IL 60185. They have a picnic area with charcoal grills (BYOCharcoal) or a full concession stand if you're not in the grilling mood.

Car Show Activities
While the car show on Sunday is the event that makes Midwest Treffen, it's not the only thing going on! This year at Treffen we have the following actives going on through out the day on Sunday:

Swap Meet
Continuing the growing list of "New for 2011," this year at Treffen we will be offering dedicated spaces for a swap meet during the car show on Sunday. Got a garage full of OE or aftermarket parts for cars you no longer own? Or can you open a showroom with all the spare sets of wheels you've built up? There will be 32 standard sized parking spaces available for the swap meet, at a cost of $20 per space, first come first serve, so don't dawdle on showing up on Sunday! See MidwestTreffen.com for details.

Cup-Crushing Competition
If you're vehicle is riding low on air suspension, the Midwest Treffen 15 Cup-Crushing Competition is a perfect way to show off. Each participant will be given two opportunities to place a paper cup under an exterior body panel (i.e. bumper or side-skirt) and lower their vehicle, crushing the paper cup as much as possible. The vehicle that crushes the cup the most will be crowned winner and will receive a very special award!

Dunk Tank
Come to Midwest Treffen 15 and enjoy giving someone a splash! Everyone loves a Dunk Tank, so for 2011 we're bringing one to the show on Sunday. Pay a nominal fee and take your turn trying to dunk one of our volunteers. Be sure to practice throwing a strike!

Bag Toss
Midwest Treffen has always been an atmosphere that goes beyond the car show, and 2011 is no different. Feel free to enjoy a game or two of Bag Toss between friends. At a cost of $1 per person for each game, friendly competition has never been more affordable!

Sidewalk Art
Being a family-oriented event, Midwest Treffen strives to offer many activities for families to enjoy throughout the day. New for 2011 is a sidewalk art area, giving show attendees the chance to decorate the sidewalk with the chalk design of their choice.

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Updates! Less than a month to go!

Out of town that weekend, damn it!

Why no drag racing this year again? Only way you will get team bag tag back :)

Stlvw as well...
We talked about bringing drags back this year, but with all the other new things we're trying out, we just didn't have the time or resources to work on another event. I'm sure we'll revisit the topic for next year.

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damn, if only my car could make it that far id be down there in a heart beat. ah well theres always next year i guess. :(

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Come on out to the Midwest Treffen Drive-In Movie night!

Are you wondering what to do Saturday night? Never been to the drive-in? You are in for a special treat!

What: Treffen Night at the Drive-In
Where: Cascade Drive-In - 1100 E. North Ave. West Chicago, IL 60185
When: Saturday - August 13th @ 6:30pm - (the box office opens at 7pm, but let's gather at the drive in entrance early to assure good parking, if you arrive late just look for all the VW's & Audi's!)
What else:
  • Saturday's Features are Crazy, Stupid, Love & The Change-Up
  • The cost $9.00 for adults ($5 for ages 5 thru 11, under 5 free!) and gets you both features
  • Bring some charcoal and food to BBQ on the drive-in's grill! No outside grills allowed apparently
  • Pets welcome
  • Full service food concession
  • If you arrive really early or want a late late snack there is a Scooby's Red Hots right next door.
  • Tune to 88.5 FM for stereo sound
  • Visit their website: Welcome to CASCADE DRIVE-IN

Hope to see you there!

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wow thats pretty baller..

i wanted to snag pics at vag fair.. but it started pouring. im glad i didnt have the camera out yet.. it would of been ruined.. my shoes are still soaked.
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