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Hey all, new here and trying to find some insight. Yesterday my 2012 VW golf TDI caught fire under the hood. Approximately 2 blocks from my destination my glow plug indicator light came on and could see in rear view mirror thicker exhaust than usual. Admittedly at first I didn't know what the indicator light meant and rather than stopping in a residential neighborhood I drove the remaining cpl blocks to my work. I parked and immediately noticed a "burning plastic" smell but could not see any visible signs of I guess danger when leaving the car. I notified my partner that a light came on and there was an unusual smell when exiting the car.
No more than 5 mins later a coworker informed me that my car was smoking and in fact on fire.
I am the first to admit I am not the most mechanically savvy person.. I am still in shock as had I decided to sit and make a phone call or such I would have been inside ...
I guess I'm trying to find some insight.. Google is not helpful.
Any idea what could be the cause?? Fire inspectors conclude electrical malfunction or mechanical.. insurance company thus far seems useless. They were notified last night of the claim and today I was asked what the fire inspector suggested I do with the car. Asked for an odometer reading from a vehicle that literally is a burnt out dumpster fire.
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