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Good day all

I own a 2015 2l BiTdi Amarok (Auto). 90000km

Recently I have noticed that when starting the car and shifting to reverse the car has no power. Even when stepping hard on the gas pedal the car just crawls backwards slowly. When turning the steering wheel when reversing the car also stalls due to the resistance caused by the turned wheels and lack of power. This has happened once a couple of months back but it was a one time thing and I did not think much of it.

After driving a couple kilometers and shifting back to reverse the problem seems to have gone away. After switching of and standing a while the no power in reverse issue returns.

No warning lights are popping up on the dash. We also plugged in the computer which does not pick up any faults.

Is there perhaps anyone else that has come across this issue. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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