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Hello everyone!

Noticing an intermittent issue with my wife's Passat. Its a squeal or high pitched wine that comes on at low speed (probably starts at ~5 mph) and increases in frequency with wheel speed, not engine speed. Additionally I noticed under very slow speed tight turns it kind of chirps or stutters but I don't really feel any pulsing or vibration. I did notice some inner tire wear on the passenger front (toe out?) but it doesn't look like its rubbing on anything. It came up a couple weeks ago, then went away, but just came back last night. I didn't notice it when the car was cold but after driving on the freeway I noticed it again.

After flooring it from a stop it has seemed to go away, but I'm guessing it will be back. Any ideas? I'm guessing a bearing somewhere in the axle between the transmission and the wheels, but I'm not used to these cars so I don't know where to start.

Thank you in advance!
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