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Hello All,

I am currently in the market for a VW, either a 2016+ GTI or Jetta GLI, and in my search, I seem to have found a diamond in the rough that also appears to be an anomaly.

The car in question is a 2016 Jetta GLI SEL (VIN: 3VW4S7AJ6GM310296) with 18,000 miles on the clock priced for $18k. The car has a clean Carfax and when I took if for a test drive, all seemed well. The only thing is that the car is still under warranty for the next 9 months bumper-to-bumper and still has the power train warranty for 33 months, which is odd because it's 4 years old, by model year that is. I say by model year because the Carfax indicates that the car was actually manufactured and shipped in December of 2017, 12/29/2017 to be exact.

I was hoping that someone may be able to fill me in on why this would have happened? I am used to cars being manufactured a year before the listed model year, but not two years after the listed model year. My father and I have had no luck in tracking down any information on the subject, so I'm hoping one of y'all may be able to help.



Here is a link to the car on Autotrader if you want to take a look for yourself: Autotrader - page unavailable
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