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If you have purchased key fobs from Volkswagen, especially if you have gotten key fobs from Smith Volkswagen on Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington Delaware, you might want to check to make sure the metal key will actually open the door.

Bought a used Volkswagen beetle about a month ago with one key fob, went to Smith Volkswagen to get new key fobs, have to make at least two trips to the dealer to get key fobs, which they don't tell you, one trip to buy the key fobs and one trip to program the key fobs.

Get the key fobs, get home and the metal key on the fobs will not open the door. I make ANOTHER (third) trip to the dealer and they acknowledge that yes the key fobs are cut incorrectly, take some pictures, tell me the will call me when the come in.

A week passes by with no call, so I call and they tell me they will call when the fobs come in. I wait another week with no call, so I call and they said they left me a message (I did not get a message) saying that I need to make an appointment (fourth trip to dealer), because they have to take some more pictures of the car.

So this is turning into 5 trips (at least) to the dealer to get some key fobs.

I called the Manager wanting to have someone to come out to take the pictures or send a tow truck to get the car instead of me having to take the car into the dealership, because 5 trips for key fobs is just totally ridiculous, but he did not offer to send someone out or to provide a tow truck to get the car.

Beware of Smith Volkswagen and key fobs.
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