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2018 Tiguan. We bought it used. Never had any issues with it until yesterday on our return trip home. About 2 hours into our drive we had the following problems
1) Error TPMS. It was an intermittent error & would eventually clear.
2) The air conditioning would turn off when TPMS error hit. The blower would still be running but, no AC. We had to wait for error to clear, turn off AC & then we could turn it back on with AC.
3) Ambient temp reading 140F. I know that's wrong. During the error the ambient temp would read "---".

This went on for a few hours. Tire pressure was good. Even reset TPMS. Errors persisted. Stopped to fill up. Had my wife drive the last leg so I could search the internet & take pics of errors should they recur. They did recur. Still a TPMS error but, at least this time the AC didn't go out. Noticed a new error with auto start/stop this time. Ambient temp still did the same. With an hour left on our drive the TPMS errors stopped. The auto start/stop error remains. Only get an error for it when the feature is turned on.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has encountered such issues & what I might be looking at. The dealership sounded confused when I called them on our ride home.
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