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Im think of buying this and wanted to post some pics and details to get some advice?

This is the info

139k miles.
6 speed manual transmission.
Very Well Maintained
Standard maintenance done=
Timing belt, Water pump, Ac condenser/ fan, clutch and flywheel, All replaced at 100k.
Valve Cover Gasket, Alternator, Pcv hose and Battery replaced recently.
Neuspeed Intake and a Magnaflow exhaust.
Raceland Coilover Suspension.
Two Tone HID's.
Recaro GTI Seats.
Comes with VW OEM Roof Rack and OEM Ski Clamps.
No rust. Minor Body Damage over rear driverside fender and minor damage to front bumper from license plate mount. Both from previous owner. I am the 3rd owner.


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If its under $5000 then it might be worth it. High miles, rats nest under the hood, some cheap modifications, sounds like it was owned by a 17 yr old kid.
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