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Hey folks,

I recently got a castaway 2003 2.0 Golf Mk4 - for free from a friend! He had the timing belt go at 177k miles (while at idle - whew). On top of that he never got his sunroof fixed and there's plenty of water damage to the headliner and a fair bit of mold all around. By the time I talked to him he had a new car and was looking to donate the crippled Golf.

I talked him into making me the beneficiary and off we go. I'll get the head off this weekend to get an idea at how extensive the damage is. I'm hoping just bent valves.

What I'm curious about is whether there's a prefered clutch/flywheel replacement for this engine. When I do searches I get swamped by the TDI threads which, evidently, has very controversial clutch needs.

Wish me luck!
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