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So my cel has been on a few weeks, my speedo stopped working so I figured that was it. Anyway last night on my way to work it started running like crap so I pulled the codes. It back fires and shudders and dies out when I'm not accelerating. I'm forced to drive to work never taking my right foot off of the gas. I cleaned the T-body figured it could not hurt still runs crap. My question is with it dying out would be better to replace the t-body or the maf first? It dose not need to run perfect just good enough to get me back and forth to work until I can fix the rest of the issue with it. Any help or opinions would be amazing.

The codes are
p0501 --- speedo which I'll fix when I get my new speedo
p1128 ? Maf or could it be something else? "system to lean"
p0440 Evap? EVAP canister?
p0171 not to sure on this one I think its fuel pump or maybe maf
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