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Hi there,

Need to know if its worth going to VW dealership to get this checked out. They quoted me £59.00 to get the codes checked and if its a minor fix, they would fix it with no extra charge.

So far, the Exhaust Emission Light comes on for a few days, but goes off again. Its on now and im due for an MOT and dont wanna fail it.

1) Checked emissions, no black smoke or unusal sound when rev'ing high or shifting up early
2) No loss of power/ smooth riding as normal
3) No unusual noise from engine
4) Had a service recently, said it was a stuck thermostat problem. This was dismissed when I called up VW dealership
5) Before I had this problem, on long drives, the AC when on warm mode would blast out hot air. Would have to pull over for a bit and let the engine rest. Deffo the thermostat problem doing this as its "stuck" but cant see this triggering the emission light error.

Please help
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