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hey everyone, new here, first post, and hoping for some help. going to preface this with I AM NOT A VW GAL!! I've worked mainly on toyotas in my life. the VW fixer guy is my BF. however, he left early this morning for a 2 week work trip, and isn't available much to help me try and figure out what is wrong. Before i have it towed to a shop around here, and until i can learn more about working on VWs, i figured i'd check around online with some smart VW people and see if you all have any ideas!

I have an '82 Scirocco that i bought for the BF and I back in February. car runs fabulous. the only thing we've had to buy for it was a starter shortly after i bought it.

Today, while on the freeway, i was downshifting from 4th to 3rd.... problem is that it would NOT downshift. regardless what i did, it just stayed in 4th, and of course i stalled it! had some issues getting it started after it stalled, but hobbled it off to the side of the freeway and waited for a tow truck.

after getting it home, i turned the car on again, and it will not get out of 4th gear. clutch pedal is fine, same amount of tension when pressed down as normal. but no matter what i do, i can not get the shifter OUT of 4th. the quick call I did have with the BF today, he said about a week ago, a similar thing happened. it took him a minute, but eventually it slid right out of 4th and shifted like normal.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I've got no problem getting dirty and getting under a hood to fix something, just need a little direction when it comes to the VWs!

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