84 Volkswagen Vanagon - Good solid build-able chassis.
With a little work, this would be a beautiful Vanagon.

4 Cylinder
4 Wheel Drive

Floor board is solid
Chassis is solid.
A little bit of surface rust but there is no rot.
Interior carpet is in good condition.
2 front seats are in great shape.
Door opens and slides fine.
Breaks are new. Put a lot of work into fixing it up when being driven.
Has been sitting for 6 years.
Mileage 223,000 miles.
Porsche built motor, purchased in California in 1994.
Engine replaced at 190,000 and has about 33,000 miles on it.
Water cooled engine.

Known Work that needs to be Done
Seals between the head and the block need replacing. Engine needs to be resealed.
No transmission, so it will need to be towed when picked up.
Small dent on right side.
No tail lights.
Middle seat is missing.