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Tags expired in Jan, but I have moving permits. Mileage is 201,000. Price is $1,000

Unfortunately I can't get it to smog because of too much 'visible smoke' during the smog test. It technically passes emissions otherwise, so the catalytic converter still works good, but I'm sure this engine requires a rebuild or replacement. It burns a lot of oil, smokes when you drive it, and fouls it's spark plugs after a while. But it still drives if you need to take it somewhere. This car was well taken care of, with a lot of parts replaced. This is the top of the line VLC model with the 2.8L VR6 engine, leather interior in good shape, power everything. Even the automatic power rear wing raises which is rare for these cars.

The Good:
It has good working Air Conditioning, Bilstein sport shocks, Energy Suspension bushings in control arms, motor mount, and rear upper shock mounts. New main & auxiliary water pumps (Does not overeat), new Tie Rods, (I just did an alignment recently), HID Headlight kit. Tires are in good useable condition and should last the rest of the year just fine. DOT4 Brake fluid was just completely flushed. It has Stainless-Braided brake lines installed. Aftermarket Clifford alarm system with push-button auto-locks, Kenwood USB deck and upgraded speakers.

The Bad:
Power sunroof isn't working. Highbeams aren't working. Passenger side power seat belt retractor isn't working. Brakes need service.

The Ugly:
Small ding on the rear passenger side wheel well. Paint is in fair condition, clear coat is worn through in some areas, there's rock chipping on the front bumper, glass headlights and fog lights. The roof, rear wing, and hood are painted flat black.

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If you were on this side of the states I would have no problem buying this car. I know how much of a headache these can be but still want one. Car looks really clean. It should sell easily.

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Corrado is available again.

I've decided I'd rather not offer the spare parts separately from the Corrado. It's too much of a hassle to ebay everything... so I will sell them together as a package deal for $1400. Any less than that and I will likely just keep it and fix it myself.

The parts include....

- BRAND NEW Performance Drilled/Slotted rotors. ($450+ retail)
- BRAND NEW Heater Core (Doesn't need it yet, but it may someday)
- Alternator
- Miscellaneous switches, solenoids, relays, Sensors, Air Control Valve
- Several spare 02 Sensors
- Several spare Crank Angle Sensors
- Ebrake handle assembly w/ cables
- Refurbished & Cleaned Fuel Injectors
- Whole replacement sunroof assembly
- K&N Air Filter
- SACHS Clutch
- SACHS Throw Out Bearing
- Spare Fuel Rail
- Spare Interior Vents, Ash trays, handles, stuff like that...

...and probably more little things I'm forgetting.
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