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Longtime reader, first post. I have a 97 golf 2.0 that one morning developed a crank no start issue. Have had the car for about ten years, had few if any issues. Was overdue for a fuel filter- started there. Fuel pump runs, have good pressure at the regulator, but no spark. I get one spark when the key switch is turned on or the coil 3-pin is plugged in, but that's it. Jumped the starter solenoid to eliminate the ignition switch- same result. Have a 2 volt drop when cranking, otherwise battery voltage at the coil. Tried also to start while on a charger to minimize the voltage drop- no difference.
Have pinned out all leads from the CMP, CKP, and coil to the ECM 68 pin plug. All within spec. The only thing I have found so far is the ground pin in the coil connector was somewhat melted. Running out of options. I have the Bentley manual, but have run into discrepancies- they reference some tests to pin 55 int the 68 pin ECM connector- but it has no pin 55. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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