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well thought i would post up some pic's of my ride

and heres the link to my photobucket album, always updating pics when i do a photoshoot of my car or add something new
1997 Volkswagon Golf CL pictures by Habby_4 - Photobucket
now as far as the spec's
its a 1.8L NA with a 5speed tranny
bout 202K KM had 179K when i got it last year
i put the stereo in myself the current head unit is a alpine CDA-9883 but thats being swaped out for my new alpine CDE-117 w/ alpine KCE-250BT(bluetooth)
the amplifier pictured in the car the kicker zx1000.1 blew up last aug/sept so i now have the one pitured in the box the zx1500.1 to run my 2 12" kicker L5's, currently in a sealed box but getting a ported box here in a few months, going to build a custom rack on the back of the box (subs facing up) to hold the speakers i currently have on the cargo liner.
all kicker 0gauge wire, and some stinger pro series wire, rca's for the mono are basworx black series, i also have a kicker kx350.4 speaker amp, rca's going to that are stinger pro series and el cheapo brand, the rim's on it i got from a junk yard, said there from canadian tire, they were white but i painted them a high gloss black, this summer there going to be powdercoated a mirrored bronze, tinted tail lights(taped off the reverse light as pictured), tinted window's, the intake on it i beleive is a ractive intake but i put my injen filter on it, sounds soo much better, optima yellow top battery, and in the next month or so im putting on a magnaflow muffler, should sound good, i will post up a video when i get it done,

hope you guys enjoy my ride, let me know what you think
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