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Bought this car last October, 168,000kms - transmission is a bit rough. I've done a tranny fluid flush and the car was great for about 2 weeks then one big skip changing gears one day and went back to "normal". Have to go up to about 400RPM for the gears to shift, often have to pump the gas for it to shift (especially on gradual inclines). Just replaced the spark plugs as I got a P0301 (cylinder 1 misfire) error code when it was scanned - seems a bit tighter of a shift - honestly haven't driven it enough to test yet.

My speedo/tach intermittently cut out. Sometimes they will jump back on after driving a few minutes, or if I turn the car off and on again (fuel gauge and heat gauge still work when speedo/tach go out). This seems to happen more often when it's hot out and the car's been sitting in the sun. Shifting seems to be worse when the speedo/tach go out. On that note, also got code P0501 (speed sensor) when I scanned my car. Haven't done the speed sensor yet. Wondering if that should be my logical next step.

I've also read I should maybe look into replacing the fuel filter.

Sometimes shifting cuts out all together - rev and no go - very scary.

Issue is all in town driving - Victor loves the highway.

I'm not a mechanic by any means - I pickup everything I've learned from research and as a result of having crap cars (last car was a kia for 9 years - boy did I learn a lot - mostly, not to buy a kia).

New to the forum, new to learning about cars. Be gentle. haha
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