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Good day,

I am desperately looking for a solution to an ongoing problem with my 2009 Polo - BTS motor. About two months ago, I had an engine warning light appear on the cluster, I had a diagnostic scan done and it reported that the Oxygen sensor at bank one had an open circuit. Further tests revealed that there was no reading coming from the sensor, so I had it replaced. The vehicle was quite heavy on fuel. I got 420km on a full tank - filled up 48 litres.

Fast forward to a week after the replacement, the warning light returned. I had another diagnostic scan done and I got a P0032 - HO2S heater control circuit high code. I decided to get an auto electrician to check the wiring and make sure all the voltages were fine, etc. The auto electrician reported zero faults.
I decided to take the car to a mechanic to get additional checks done, injectors, vacuum testing, etc. Yet again, no issues detected.
The warning light was cleared and not surprisingly, it was back within a couple of days. The vehicle was also due for a service at 120000km, so I had that done, hoping that the issues I had might have been caused by a clogged fuel filter, plugs, etc.

I would really appreciate some advice, I have tried everything and neither mechanic nor auto electrician can tell me what is wrong with my car
. The worst part of it is the heavy fuel consumption, and I don't drive like a maniac.
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