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A/C Bypass Pulley

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Dear Members,
Any recommendations of where I can obtain a bypass pulley for my '85 Golf Diesel with the 1.6 L engine would greatly be appreciated. I rarely use the ac and when I do, it chokes the life from the 52 hp engine plus gas mileage suffers. It would be nice to be rid of the compressor making access to engine parts and oil changes easier. Thanks for your suggestions!
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My a/c compressor locked up completely, so the belt is just grinding on the pulley and smoking / burning. I had it towed to a garage since I wasn't a fan of seeing smoke come out of my engine, and they gave me an estimate of $1200 ($800 parts, $400 labor) for a/c compressor replacement, belt replacement and recharge. I thought this was awfully stiff, seeing as you can buy compressors for much Speed Test cheaper than $800 online.
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