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Hi everyone, My girlfriend has a 2006 Jetta. She just got it and the A/C doesn't work.. I connected a set of gauges to the system and it showed 70psi on both the high and low sides of the system...turned the A/C on and nothing happened. Both high and low side pressures stayed the same. I looked at the compressor and it is turning. I didn't see an electrical connector for the clutch though.. I am a Ford Senior Master Tech so I am very familiar with A/C repairs.
Are these A/C compressors different than what I am used to repairing? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!
I also didn't notice the cooling fans turn on with the a/c turned on..are these controlled by a high pressure switch?
I figure if I can get the compressor to function I will be all set and she will be very happy with me! :D
Thank You, Steve
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