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A few questions from a newbie!

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Hey guys, newbie to the VW world,

We have just emigrated to Lithuania from the UK and found a tidy LPG converted 2012 Touran for a great price.

Having had vauxhall and Citroens prior to this, I have little knowledge of VW's... And don't speak the local lingo very well to find help, so of course I came here to the fountain of knowledge, but I do apologise if some of these questions have been asked before.

Firstly, maps - the Touran was originally registered in Italy and has western Europe installed. The media centre has an SD card slot, with nothing in it, that I have seen on YouTube that I can get another SD and install. Anyone know where I can get Eastern Europe from at a good price/free?

There are options for phone on the media centre, but no obvious way to connect. I have seen under the centre arm rest a media connector, can I get something to go in there to connect via Bluetooth and use the functions correctly?

Or alternatively, what am I looking for online if I want to swap the media unit out for an android based one? Where is best to go? (Can have things shipped to UK and then to me)

And finally, it has the electrical connection for a tow hook - but doesn't actually have the hook, where would be best to look for one?

Cheers guys
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Here you need a specialist working on android systems.
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