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Hey guys just joined up, mostly to help get some info on where to find a few things
Like the title says im looking at picking up a 89 jetta gli in a few days for a screamin deal. Problem is it has a bad flexplate and nobody on this earth seems to stock a replacement. All i can find is flywheels
Overal the car is in prety good shape body is good other than a little tweak on the front bumper, clean interior, liking the gli seats as well. has just over 200k miles and apparently gets 33mpg regularly.

Does anyone know where i can find a flexplate for this trans? And is the trans any different than the base model because the engine is different? Trying to widen my search
The car is going to be my girlfriends commuter car and i will have my luv to drive.
Whatever info you guys have will be much appreciated
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