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I have a 2000 VW GTI . its a special edition model - ABT tuning edition. 1.8t 5-speed
i have for sale the interior seats, which are way better looking then a regular edition.
All exterior glass except for front window.
i have a a broken rim but the other 3 abt rims are fine. make me a deal for two rims
driver front fender
both fender lights
both front bumper lights . in clear and amber
both front headlights. good condition
any other interior parts. plastics. rear seats, rear view mirror. etc

the entire 1.8t motor has been assembled
i have the whole head , throttle body assembly
power steering
ac compressor
fuel injectors
coilpacks. wiring etc...

i have included a picture of the car after the accident. everything else is for sale.


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