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Helo from Australia!
We have a T5 2011 Multivan (auto), 225K which has been shredding the serpentine belt and shuddering.
Our local VW service centre have advised below.
Can I please ask hive mind to help out and please cast your eyes over this info and check that all seems OK and this is the best course of action?
I’m really happy that they have been able to diagnose an issue but want to make sure that this is a fair estimate of price & diagnosis for a continually snapping serpentine belt and shuddering in the engine - like a second opinion. Obviously, this would be sight unseen for you, but your expertise far outweighs mine!

Good Afternoon,
Please see attached the photo I was talking about and the quote for the repair
The fatigue on the AC compressor clutch pulley could be a result of wear and road debris flicking up from the tyre and hitting or impacting it. Unfortunately, if the Compressor pulley is not repaired the belt will continue to be damaged and will cause future issues. No matter how many times we replace the belt it will continue to happen.

Quote: (AUD$)
1x AC Compressor #7E0820803F - $1926.10
1x O-Ring #4E0260749A - $8.25
1x O-Ring #8E0260749L - $7.15
1x Receiver Drier #4H0298403 - $176.00
1x Drive Belt #03L903137AQAC - $66.00
3x Bolts #N90707502 - $23.10 ($7.70 each)
Labour: $880
Total: $3182.05


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