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Daughter brought her 03 Jetta 1.8T back a couple of months ago. As it started getting warmer, I hit the AC button - hot air. Both fans run when the AC button is pushed though one seems to cycle on and off as soon as I turn the key to acc warm or cold - it never stops doing that unless the AC is on. Compressor does not come on.

Checked the three green fuses atop the battery and they looked good and clean. But just to be sure, I pulled them and re-seated them. When I put one of them back (wish I could remember which one it was), I heard a loud snap in the compartment (engine off). No idea what that was bit started the car and the compressor was now running fine with cold air starting to come out of the vents.

Had to put some R134a in my Audi and had a bit left so I connected it to the low pressure and though it was a tad low, it was still in the green and the started to get nice and cold. The odd thing was that when I let go of the trigger, the gauge went off the chart in the red which I thought was a little unusual since when I do so on the Audi, it goes to zero. I didn't put much R134a in - just enough to get a reading as I have to depress the trigger to get a reading.

Compressor stayed on for about 30 seconds and then shut off. Can't get it to come back on again.

I'm concerned about the pressure build up and if the mechanics my daughter used to us may have put too much R134a in (if she even had that done). Not sure if there is a pressure relief valve in line.

Any advice welcome before I take it to the shop.
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