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Hey Folks. I've got a 2010 Touareg, TDI. Sometime ago the adblue warning light came on and would not go off after I filled it, after a couple of days the warning went away and seemed fine. I figured maybe an issue with the gauge and thought nothing of it. Fast forward and I had the warning light come on again, once again I filled the tank and the warning and no restart countdown would not clear. I assumed I had a similar situation and was not too worried. After several days nothing changed this time so I called the local dealership and got it scheduled to come in. By the time I got it to them the no restart count down was at zero Km's but they assured me that they could do a 50 Km rest on that. Belwo is copied from the service report.
"210558 Before clocking onto job line attempted to bring vehicle
into bay. vehicle came in with adblue no start active. Attempted to ran
through test plan to perform lockout countdown 50km reset. No such test
active in software. Attempted to perform engine coding, is up to date.
Lockout still active. Tried to clear faults to see if cluster no start
fault would clear, no. Got time authorized to perform software update
to possibly reset ecm and all modules included with new software and
zero faults present, as vehicle has write off status from SGI (recall
not covered). Performed software update. Vehicle still will not start.
Grabbed VAGCOM cable to attempt to reset or diagnose further through
aftermarket software. Could not reset or get any further with
diagnosis. Essentially vehicle is locked to not start. Any test to
reset adblue or diagnose further to get adblue system functioning
requires vehicle to be able to start and run."

Now they are telling me that I may need an ECU reflash but that may not work either.... I don't want to blindly throw money at this thing. It was a write off but it has been a great car for us.

Anyone seen anything similar? Any suggestions?

If I can get it running again I think it is time for a def delete.
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