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I know some of you have aftermarket head units in your cars. Would like to know if you had to do anything special to wire that in, because I was reading online that the factory HU is tied into the alarm and also was reading that it could fry a Factory Diag tool or they can't access codes due to the other HU?? I know I have to ditch the steering wheel buttons if I install other HU. Thats ok.

Is there any websites that you people know that would sorta explain an install. I've installed HU's in many other cars before. Don't want to f**k anything up on this one.

Any help will be great. Thanks in advance.

Also one other question, Don't want to start another tread for this simple answer. 2001 GTI, High and low beam bulbs, What are they?
H-7 and H-1???
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