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Hopefully someone on this forum has a suggestion as to what is going on with my Air con?
Approx 12 months ago I booked my 2012 T5 Multivan in to my local VW Service Agent to have the D/S Airbag changed, as per Australian regulations.
Strangely coinciding with that service, my (climatronic) air con system started to play up.
Original symptoms included:-
  • Fan speed selector not working correctly;
  • Air con not cooling - just blowing non-cooled air;
  • When engine was turned off, key removed and doors locked, the external fan (in engine compartment) continued to run non-stop, resulting in my having to disconnect battery to shut it off;
Since then I have taken the vehicle back to the VW Service Agent to have them diagnose issue. $475.00 later they were only able to conclude the following (see attached PDF).
I have had the compressor and gas levels checked by an A/C auto electrician and all seems fine. Unfortunately the other issues he was unable to narrow down to any one problem.
I have since changed the Blower Motor Control Module (Resistor), which has resolved the issue with the Fan Speed Selector (to some degree) as well as resolving the external fan (engine compartment) issue.
The only time now I will have cooled air coming through the vents is when I first start the vehicle, turn on the A/C unit and immediately turn the temperature dial to the "LO" setting, resulting in the fan selector automatically increasing the fan speed to it's highest setting. If I leave these settings as is, it will continue to blow cooled air through the vents. I can change the output vents and fresh/recirculate settings without any problem, however if I adjust the fan speed selector to a lower speed, something happens under the dash, adjacent to the blower motor unit (i.e. sounds like a flap opening or closing), resulting in non-cooled air coming through the vents (at the selected lower speed). if I adjust the fan speed back up to "High" it continues to blow non-cooled air (at the selected higher speed). It's not until I turn the vehicle off and leave it for a short period and repeat the whole process mentioned above, that I will again have cooled air blowing.
Has anyone experienced a similar problem?
If so, would they have any suggestions as what might be causing it?
I would greatly appreciate your help!


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