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Just wondering if anybody's seen this. If not, don't worry, it's not all that fun to dig into.

Car: '89 Golf A2 Wolfsburg 8v Digifant II
Problem: AC Compressor won't engage clutch

* AC compressor pulley died
* I pulled another compressor from a Jetta
* Installed compressor, properly flushed, evacuated system
* New compressor wouldn't engage the clutch (or would that be disengage the clutch?)
* Connected compressor directly to battery while idling and charged system with new R134a coolant...during this time, the AC was blowing nice and cold air...MMMmmmmmmm...
* Finished charging, but I have yet to get the compressor to engage the clutch by itself...it's like it's not getting any power.
* shorted pressure switch...nada
* shorted switch next to it...radiator fan when 100%...so I guess that's the fan switch
* I'm theorizing that I blew a relay (under dash next to fuses), but the relays are numbered instead of labeled. Theory two is the AC switch itself on the dash is faulty. Theory three is that I've been outside in the Arizona heat today to think straight...
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