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Hey guys,

I'm new to forums and stuff, and kind of new to VW's as well. (Sorta. Haha) I currently drive a 1999 Mark Three Golf GL, Model A of that year, (I know they switched halfway through the year, so mine is the older one) and it is an interesting car, to say the least.
Don't get me wrong; the thing is a lot cooler than some other cars I've had, and I like how you can actually FIX things on these cars. It's an automatic, (I wanted a standard but hey, maybe there's still hope.) and the only thing aftermarket is the stereo, that I put in myself!

It has lots and lots of work that should happen on it, and it could probably use some love. I'm a University student in Ontario Canada, and the car is originally from Quebec, just like me!

I hope my stay at the Forum isn't short lived and I can get some genuine knowledge from you guys.


Zachary V.:D
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