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Taken from my other thread. They are offering this deal at the get together Dec. 7.

More info here: http://www.vwforum.com/cgi-bin/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=11&t=000302

APTuning has come through huge on this Food Drive!

What APTuning will be offering at the Food Drive is the APR Chip Special similar to what you see at the various shows! To set this Food Drive apart from the shows they will waive their $25 dollar installation fee. In return they will ask you for a donation of $25 to the Greater Philadelphia Food Bank. If you continue to read below I have all the details that you will need.

You will need to donate just $25 to the Greater Philadelphia Food Bank at the Food Drive on December 7th at Valley Forge Park. You will receive a coupon that you will redeem at APTuning in Lebanon Pa, at any time within the next six months to take advantage of the Buy One Program receive a Second Program Free special.

So to sum this up you will just need $25 on December 7th to receive a coupon to take advantage of this special at $499+tax on a two program APR chip at any time within the next six months at APTuning's shop in Lebanon Pennsylvania!

APTuning did not just stop there though! They will also give you a Gift Certificate at the Food Drive redeemable at their shop for $25 dollars towards any other merchandise purchased at their shop the day you get chipped. Meaning not only are you taking advantage of sale pricing on the APR chip, but you will also get $25 dollars off any other purchase at the shop on the day you go to have you car chipped.
The $25 gift certificate is not redeemable towards the chip price.

Do not pass this opportunity up to help out the Greater Philadelphia Food Bank with your Donation as well as take advantage of this special sale pricing!

I have to say thank-you to Mark, Mike and Tom over at APTuning for stepping up and making this possible to happen. That Donation that you will be making will help to feed a lot of people in the Philadelphia area.
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