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I would've posted this in the appropriate section, but this is the only forum I'm being allowed to start a new thread in apparently.

Anyhow, I bought a certified pre-owned 2011 Jetta SEL (manual transmission) in February, and I'd like to get some input from other Jetta owners before I bring it to the dealership for possible warranty fixes.

The first problem I'm most concerned about is shifting into reverse is rough sometimes. The car will lurch, and a bit of a grind noise can be heard at times. Other times when I shift into reverse, it will feel like the car never went into gear, but when I let go of the clutch to begin going backwards, you can actually watch the shifter jump right into reverse, no slam or grinding when this happens though. I've gone days, and sometimes a week or 2 without having this problem, but it keeps coming up randomly at different times. Doesn't matter if the car is hot or cold, or what temperature it is outside. The frequency of it occurring does seem to be increasing though.

The second issue is the none of the convenience features have really worked right as far as I can tell. If I'm understanding the manual correctly, I shouldn't ever need to use the key so long as I'm in the appropriate proximity zones, and nothing has been excessively touching the sensor on the door handles. Most of the time I can simply grab the driver door handle and it will unlock and let me in if, but not after a certain amount of time (again, random time). The passenger door doesn't seem to automatically unlock at all, nor does the trunk.

Has anyone had similar problems, or have any suggestions I could try before I bring it to the dealer?
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