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I have two issues with my car right now and I'm hoping that you guys can help with fix them.

The first one is a really loud clicking noise coming from my drivers-side tire. I don't have any difficulty turning, but the noise is pretty constant whether I'm keeping straight or not. I took my car to the dealership a few weeks back to get it inspected and they told me that one of my CV boots had a little tear in it. I spoke with the mechanic there and he said that depending on how long it had been torn, I might need to replace the entire axle. I priced an axle at AutoZone for $75 with a life-time warranty. It's not OEM though, so I'm not sure if it's something that I should get. I think the brand was Duralast.

The second issue deals with my A/C. Somehow one of the lines for my A/C system was damaged and my freon has all escaped. The issue is that it's not a rubber hose that I could simply replace, but it's actually near the port where new freon is added. I tried adding some to my system only to hear it hissing out. I broke a motor mount last year during the Fall, so my guess is that maybe it was hit during that event. I haven't had to use my A/C since last Summer but now that it's heating up again I need to get it working. I included a picture of the dent where it's misting out. I don't know if that's a part that can be easily replace or not, so I guess that's where I'd like to start with this issue.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated :D


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