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1997 volkswagen gti 2.0 aba 5spd

While replacing my water pump and thermostat this weekend i noticed that the seal around my halfshaft at the differential housing (passenger side) has pushed itself out about 7mm and is leaking profusely. On honda's and ford's (my summer car is a prelude and i work for ford) we refer to these as axle seals or diff seals, however i am having a hard time finding information on replacing these seals.

Does volkswagen refer to these under a different name? Does any one know if i'll need a SST to remove it or is it easy to remove/ install? Alldata was pretty worthless when it came to doing the water pump so i just winged it, and it diddnt have much of anything in the way of procedure on replacing these seals either.

Any suggestions on good trans fluid to use in the manual trans? The transmission still shifts well despite the shifter assembly having an incredible amount of play, so i'm not concerned about failing syncros. I use GM Syncromesh or Honda MTF in my hondas' transmissions and have no problem buying factory fluids, but don't know if the VW community has found a better fluid to use. (i'm still learning about my volkswagen, its mostly a winter car for me right now.)

Thanks for any help!
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