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Hey guys, I just bought my first VW.

It's a 88 VW Fox(this the right section of the forum to post this in?), 4dr, I bought it to get me through winter till I fix my summer car(RX-7 Turbo).

Ok, well I bought the car, the fuelpump was buzzing, and the brakes sucked. It would have a real hard time starting if it had sat for awhile too. On the trip to my home the car acted up and sputted on hills.

After talking to some freinds they said that it's the transfer pump in the tank. Replaced that, still hard to start when cold and noisy main fuelpump.

Replaced the main fuelpump that's underneith, it's not as noisy now but it's still hard to start when cold and making a lil bit of buzzing still. (Haven't road tested it yet, doing the master cyl.

I'm stumped, what do I do now?

I noticed that when i pulled the main fuelpump there were a bunch of other things around it(I think it's the fuel filter) and a couple other boxes which i don't know what they do.

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