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As the title hints, my question is about taking a VW Rabbit (the mk1 or mk2) and making into a "baja." Is it possible? For anyone who hasn't read my introduction post, I live in Las Vegas Nevada, surrounded my desert and plenty of places to off road or camp. I admire the look of the classic Rabbits, but if I got one, I would want to be able to take it camping and some off roading(not rock crawling or anything intense, just some general trails, maybe with a few bumps and dibs).

If I were to get an old rabbit and tried to "baja it out," all I would do is raise it up, put better suspension, add bigger tires(not giant, just big enough to tackle trails), and add a roof rack for more cargo. What my question comes down to is:
1. Whether or not the rabbit can be fitted with suspension or lift kits.
2. If the standard diesel engine can handle it.
3. What other things would need to be done to keep it safe/functional.
4. Do they sell roof racks?(Doesn't have anything to do with the baja, but still)
5. Is it worth doing, or should I just get a baja bug?

Regarding number 5, I am debating a baja bug, but I would rather have the Rabbit look, the diesel engine, and the great mpg.

Thanks for viewing and responding,
Mr. HB
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