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Hi there fellow VW enthusiasts!
I recently acquired a pretty nice 2000 GTI with a tuned and souped up VR6.
I bought it knowing that it had a battery drain problem, but had no clue as to what was going on. I tried pulling fuses and checking relays and checking for lights that were still on, but nothing.

Nothing until I took my $10 eBay cable and my copies of VW Tool (which is from 1995 but still works!) and the Vag-Com that never really works until you buy your $100 license. Anyways, checking the codes of the Central Locking Module I found about five or six different codes about the driver's door not locking correctly, and upon closer inspection, decided to google some stuff.

What I realized, with much help from this article: VWVortex.com - MKIV door locks explained - why you're having problems!!! :(

Was that my car does not recognize when the driver's door is locked, and therefore, sometimes does and shuts itself off, and sometimes doesn't and keeps certain modules going until they drain the battery. I realize that this fix is not too easy but can be accomplished in an afternoon, with lots of patience.

So if you too, have a 99-01 VW MKIV that is having a weird battery drain that you can't trace, borrow your friend's Vag-Com cable, or get your own (and if you do get the eBay cable, make sure you follow the detailed instructions offered here Vag-Com 409.1 (3rd Party) and Windows 7 64-bit) and if you do find that you have fault codes for doors not locking or modules that have to do with doors, such as dome lights or door lights, the answer to your headaches could be fixing the door lock mechanisms on your doors!

Hope this helps someone else with weird battery drain issues!
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