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Abridged version:

Blown head gasket caused coolant in oil. Oil looks like chocolate milkshake.

I know there is a high probability that the engine is toast. However, I am going to try to save it and hoping to get some productive suggestions from experienced members.

Here are my questions:

1. Any suggestions for cleaning the chocolate milkshake in the block?
2. Any parts that I should absolutely replace due to the milkshake?
3. Any parts that I should consider replacing due to the milkshake?

FYI - I'm not looking to win any races - just hoping to get it running and keep it running for 4yrs of college for my son.


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Fairly sad that I didn't get any responses but se la vie. Figured that I would share my experience.

I decided to go the route of an overhaul rather than a complete rebuild.

Items I decided to replace:
1. Plugs
2. Ignition coils
3. radiator
4. oil pan
5. injectors
6. injector cups
7. Coolant hoses
8. Thermostat
9. All coolant hose connectors upgrade to aluminum (flange, thermostat housing, radiator connectors, etc)
10. Air filter - upgrade to performance cone system
11. Fiberglass wrap for exhaust and turbo
12. Oil cooler

As I was in the process of removing the head I realized that I broke more than half of the vacuum hoses; so I opted to do a SAi Delete and added a oil catch can.

I used WD-40 to clean the head and crankcase. It worked like a charm. I put a drip pan under the crankcase with the oil pan removed and heavily sprayed the WD-40 on everything I could reach. Waited an hour and repeated 2x. With the head I put it in a drip pan and sprayed it heavily with WD-40 and manually cranked the cam several times until the run off was clear.

With everything back together I did a coolant system flush. I used BlueDevil radiator flush and degreaser. Then flushed with water 5x until it ran clear then filled it with the pink stuff from Zerex.

When I first started the engine while doing the coolant system flush the exhaust was still blowing white smoke and smelled of burning coolant, however there was no coolant in the engine. So, it was just residual coolant in the exhaust that needed to burn off. By the time I finished the coolant system flush the white smoke and smell were both gone.

Did an oil change after 100 miles and the oil actually looked good.

The engine appears to be running significantly better than it was before the blown head gasket. Only time will tell if any permanent damage was done to the engine but at the moment it is running great.

Overall it was an ugly mess of a job but it was a lot of fun as a project for my son and I to work on before he heads off to college.

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