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I love my 07 vw rabbit but over the last few months my dash vents broke.
The little piece that aims the vents fell off and the dealer only sells the entire assemblies.I have been aiming the vents with a pen and it sucks as it is hard to get them just right.
Hunting around i have found nothing but used parts that are defective just like the originals.
The other day i found an aftermarket replacement part at a good price.
Ordered them ,got them in a few days.
Install was easy and they work perfect.
Found part on ebay.Seller is innovativeprodtechnologies.:D
Finally a good deal.Gotta love ebay.
Also looking for a 2007 drivers door (2dr) red.
Some bozo caved mine in and drove away.:evil:
Some people just suck.:mad:
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